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Our "HERstory"

Established in 2010, by owner and lead curator Jihan Bradford, Wonderlust is unique in its approach to bridge the past and the present while orchestrating life’s marquee moments.

About Jihan Bradford

Growing up, I was always drawn to elements of culture and social life. I was the kid who wanted the newest edition of Better Homes and Gardens, Coastal Living, and Bride Magazine. 


While at the University of Georgia, I furthered my love and understanding of culture, environment, and high society.  I had no idea that my penchant for refinement would manifest through the medium of floral and event design!

Over time, I have learned that flowers and design, like people, have personality and establish a presence in the world at large. 


Whether it is custom floral design for your event or bespoke event curation, I take pleasure in manifesting unique experiences that inspire a lust for "wonder" for both my clients and their guests! 

Creating one-of-kind affairs in some of the Southeast's most popular venues, I have designed everything from lavish children's birthday parties to elegant intimate weddings. No matter the occasion, you will be delighted with the service you receive throughout the planning/design process all the way through the end of your event day.

We'd love to show you what "Southern Charm & City Sass" are all about!

Jihan Bradford-181 (1).jpg
While many argue "The Devil is in the Details," I posit, "The Dedication is in the Details."

Jihan Bradford


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