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Flower Care

We want you to enjoy your bespoke Poppettes for as long as possible, so please read our flower care instructions below to guarantee a longer-lasting arrangement.

All our Poppettes are arranged inside an oasis, which was soaked in water and floral food when curating the design, so there is no need to take the flowers out of the box and place them in a vase.

1. Please check the oasis foam daily, making sure it is moist. If you feel that it has dried, please carefully add water between the flowers directly into oasis. Every box have a lining around the oasis to prevent the water from leaking, so be extra careful not to add too much water, as this may damage your box.

2. During the night, we advise you to keep the box in a cool, dry place. Ideally, you should aim to place it in a refrigerator and take it out again in the morning. This way, your flowers will stay fresh for longer. Be sure to keep them away from any fruits and vegetables.

3. Do not keep the arrangements in direct sunlight or in temperatures above 75 degrees, as your arrangement will likely dry out quickly.

4. Once your flowers exceed their freshness, you may carefully remove them with the oasis to leave the box.

5. Use the box as a keepsake or decorative piece after the flowers are gone.

Enjoy your Posh Poppette and know it was curated with love just for you.



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